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  • Sapporo miso noodle restaurant “Sumire”

    Popular restaurant – known Sapporo miso noodle “Sumire”. Pronoun of Sumire to make with Sumire original recipe “miso noodle ” is a gem that can from clear soup that took on vegetables and seafood based on pig bones and craftsmanship. I served on the piping hot until the end lard layer covering the surface of a thick soup becomes the role of the lid. After all most popular miso noodle. It is sure that it is a happy smile while in the entire burn of mouth By the time we were finished eating in the piping hot until the end. 062-0922 Hokkaido Prefecture, Sapporo, Toyohira-ku, Nakanoshima 2 Jō, 4 Chome−7 googleMap